(In)Sane Enough


So I just received a report from the psychiatrist I met with a month ago. It’s a required part of the discernment process for ordination- a psychiatric evaluation. He (the psychiatrist) sent me an e-mail and attached was the 11 page document he’d written up after meeting with me for hours and having me take various psychological tests. You know those make-up mirrors that some hotel rooms have that magnify everything, and I mean everything on your face. I thought of this as the figurative version of that. And therefore was mildly hesitant to open it up.

But I’m nothing if not curious. I browsed through the report and found nothing all that surprising. I’m a good leader, except when I’m not. I’m good at interpersonal relationships, except when I’m not. And I should have paid more attention in my college psychology classes because some of those sentences made no sense at all.

A few of the more amusing sentences from the report:
“She is considered average in social boldness, being neither particularly shy nor bold.”
“Maturity: the candidate was rated average to above average.” (Ha! I mean, of course!)

So this leaves in that paradoxical place where I’m sane enough to go into ministry, but insane enough to want to go into ministry. If life’s a roller coaster, this time in my life must be that slow cranking up to the first big drop. There’s some craziness ahead, but for now I’ll just relax.


4 thoughts on “(In)Sane Enough

  1. You're welcome, Cortney! And I see you've gotten a lot of action on your wall recently. A lot of people posting, and you must have plenty of visitors as well. Wish I could run a blog this successful!

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