Who Would Jesus Boycott?


Recently a facebook friend posted a picture of a flyer he found asking the reader to boycott The Home Depot because it is helping advance the homosexual agenda. For this particular facebook friend, I’m sure he saw this as all the more reason to shop at Home Depot. I even indulged my curiosity and checked out the website of the Christian organization and sure enough there are pictures of Home Depot sponsoring and taking part in Gay Pride parades in various cities. (sidenote: no matter where your theology lies, you have to admit that this is a genius marketing strategy. How can I buy stock in Home Depot?)

I also have Christian friends who’ve boycotted Chik-Fil-A because of their support of Christian anti-gay organizations. (Time article)

Does being faithful involve boycotting certain businesses? Supposedly, boycotts work. And how could I begin to antagonize the Montgomery Bus Boycott of the Civil Rights movement. Should boycotts only be used as a last resort when all other efforts of communication have been met with disregard?

A few months ago I was organizing a trivia night fundraiser for my church. I had a well written letters on well printed stationery explaining our worthy cause and the tax deductions available for donations. I was dressed well and wore my prettiest smile to hand deliver these letters to some of our downtown businesses. In one restaurant I immediately met the owner and began my spiel, but he stopped me, “Not interested!” and he returned to his business.

And then I made this face:

And I vowed never to eat at that restaurant again. And I even told a few of my co-workers to do the same. And this business still doesn’t donate anything to my church.

I guess some boycotts can be petty. But some can be worthy. What do you think?


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