Dreading vs. Embracing


Have you ever had something that you’re worried might turn out horrible but it ends up being not just fine but fabulous? Kind of like if two people were running at you with flashlights and you thought “Oh no! That car’s about to hit me!” but it comes and not only is it not a car, but it also happens to be your two best friends? That was my weekend. Let me expound:

This is a picture of a lot of people having a fun time all thanks to me! That’s me on the far right.

I organized a camping trip. I organized it well enough to convince a lot of people they wanted to come. Okay, others helped on that. We were all looking forward to our time at the nearby Mammoth Cave National Park.

Except, if you remember, last week, the Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC were playing chicken with each other regarding the federal budget. Every news source I used spoke of a possible, no likely government shutdown. Said shutdown would mean that Mammoth Cave National Park would be closed.

Quickly, I formed a plan b through the generosity of some co-workers. But I think the real stress came when I wasn’t sure when/whether to turn to plan b. There were so many considerations and I spent all of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday waiting for a new headline over that giant picture of Obama and Boehner. We ended up having to go for plan b. What a week!

But then I imagine that crazy stress that I haven’t even had to think about yet: Applying for a mortgage. The loss of a close family member. Working a full day and coming home to kids who, even at their best, are pretty demanding.

It seems like stress never really rescinds. This fogginess and confusion just continues and it’s a matter of either embracing or dreading it.

With that in mind, I’ll give you one guess about what I chose (read=try) to do… embrace!  Dread just adds more stress and it feels like that’d be fighting fire with fire. Or fighting a rain storm with my water hose. Or fighting a caffeine addiction by having my 6th cup of water… wait, bad metaphor. I do that one. Anyway,

Because after all, it sometimes turns out fine and fabulous.


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