Stuff Episcopalians Like #1


Welcome to the first installment of Stuff Episcopalians Like. You might have heard of Stuff White People Like or it’s spin-off Stuff Christians Like. Plus I was reading Rachel Held Evans blog about ways to make Arminians cool and one was to start a “Stuff Arminians Like” page, and I don’t even know who Arminius was. However, here I’ll put on my amateur anthropologist hat and look at the habits and idiosyncrasies that tend to be so prevalent in our tradition. 

Today’s Stuff Episcopalians Like:
Holy Week Lunches

I used this one because today when I arrived at work and went to the kitchen to get the first of many cups of coffee, I found the kitchen crowded with women warming their casseroles and rolls and mixing their salads. And the parish hall is decked out with white linens and modest centerpieces:

The idea is simple: We have a downtown church and a lot of professionals work downtown and just have an hour for lunch break. For nothing but their presence, they get a contemplative worship service and a hearty lunch. Now in my downtown, we share this duty with the other downtown churches on different days of the week so maybe I should more accurately title this one “Stuff Mainline Denominations Like”

I know a guy who used to be a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama. One day for his lunch break, he attended one of these lunches and services at the Episcopal Cathedral Church of the Advent, felt moved, yada yada yada, today he is an ordained priest serving as a missionary in Namibia. True story.

In fact if you’re interested in the recipes that could spiritual seduce someone so well, you can read an article in Southern Living about this particular Birmingham Cathedral’s tradition.

Next week on Stuff Episcopalians Like: Episcopal shield bumper stickers


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