Stuff Episcopalians Like #2: Episcopal Shield Bumper Stickers


Episcopal Shield Bumper Stickers.

Episcopalians by no means invented the idea of decorating your car with your theology. But we did make it our own. And because it’s hard to fit the catechism on a bumper sticker, we made do with our Episcopal shield. Maybe not as innovative as Apple’s apple, but one of a kind, nonetheless.

Now, I come from a parish that is particularly fond of these little adhesive shields. You can buy them for a whole dollar, in case you’re afraid your baptism only figuratively marked you as Christ’s own forever, this can literally mark you. Because we’re the only Episcopal church in town, it can be fun to see a shield and figure out who it is, because you probably know them. Especially if it’s in the liquor store parking lot.

This is on my car. Horribly faded, the shield, in case you’re not familiar with it, should actually look like this:

The shield has a neat history that you can read about here. Learning about the shield is a mini-lesson in the history of the Episcopal Church.

It’s hard to overstate the joy that comes from barreling down the interstate far away from home and recognizing a fellow Episcopalian. Mildly dangerous, it can be fun to try and drive by them at the same speed, waving as if to say “We would be best friends if we lived near each other!”**Please don’t actually try this.

I can only hope that the pride that makes us devalue our car a tad is a good kind of pride — the kind that says, “I find joy here. You can ask me about that.” Not the bad kind of pride that makes Charlie Sheen blush. So if you’re sporting this nifty little shield, be mindful of that. The least you can do is use your turn signal.

Why do you like your church bumper stickers? 


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