I’m baaaaaaaack…


So I inadvertently took the entire month of June off from blogging. Whoops. And while I wanted to return with an all-star grandslam of a post, this is not it. But it’s coming.

This is what every Louisvillian does all the time. 

Here are the things that have pushed blogger.com down from its past status as #1 most visited site on my browser.

1) I moved. To Louisville, Kentucky. This is actually my second time to move to Louisville and the last time, I stayed for 5 years. So you can safely assume, I like this city. That said, while it only takes two hours to physically get here, I feel like it’s taken a bit longer to get my heart, mind and muse up here.

Calvary has a beautiful building with people to match. 

2) I started two new jobs. Ok, technically one unpaid internship and one temporary full-time position with a family as a babysitter. The unpaid internship is at Calvary Episcopal, in downtown Louisville. I do all sorts of stuff, including preaching a bit, wearing fancy robes, giving clothes and food out to people, visiting people who can’t get themselves to church, assisting at weddings and funerals, staying awake through attending staff meetings, and all together figuring out whether this whole becoming a priest thing is the best of worst idea I’ve ever had. I will be here for 9 months, which, in case you weren’t familiar, is the same amount of time that human gestation lasts. A friend suggested I count my time here by a pregnancy calendar. In that case guys, I just found out I’m pregnant*!

3) I met new people. Lots. Maybe one sticks out in particular, but in case he/she reads this, I’m staying nonchalant. You know, like, whatever. No big deal.

Oh, and does anyone do dream interpretations. What does it mean if you dreamt that you overfed a fish? I’m asking for a friend.

*Maybe I’m taking a brave step here in trusting that my readers (all three of them!) won’t take this out of context. In reality, let me assure you, I am as unpregnant as they come.




It’s graduation season. But this might be the one to really make me cry. There’s somewhat of a big age gap between my little sister and me- 8 years. Which means I can distinctly remember holding her on the day she was born, remember the day my parents broke the news that they were pregnant and there were months before that when I suspected/prayed/hoped that I could get a little sibling. And now that little precious is taller than me (I’ve had a few years to get used to that) and as ready as she can be to break out on her own.

Here, in random order, are 9 reasons my little sister is remarkably awesome.

1) Her hair. Women pay a lot of money to get what God gave Paige for free. Blonde, curly, thick. And Paige smartly doesn’t mess with it too much.

2) She can do this:

Please do not try this at home. Paige has the training, equipment and cringe-worthy calluses to make this possible. 

3) She is a certified lifeguard.

Do you have a life? Paige can guard it. Certifiably.

4) She tells me about new music. Most of the current bands that I love, I know about because of her. The Avett Brothers, Mumford & Sons, Matt & Kim, just to name a few. When she was just three I taught her all about the Beatles, so she’s just probably returning the favor.

5) She’s a role model. At our church, there are approximately 5,382 children who adore Paige and her best friend Rachael. Really, in these kids’ eyes, Paige and Rachael might as well be celebrities. It’s really adorable, and Paige and Rachael live up to the hype in the non-cheesiest way possible.

6) She is a good friend. This one sounds really generic, so let me expound. She has found a way to love people because of who they really are, not despite of who they really are.

7) She likes what she likes– nothing more nothing less. How many teenage girls do you know that got fully wrapped up in both Twilight and Star Trek? And Avatar? But I don’t like that last one because I still have my vendetta with James Cameron.

8) She is my wink coach. Mere months ago, my wink looked like a twitch or a spasm on one half of my face. Now with her help, I’ve advanced it to cartoonishly flirtatious. I’m hoping I can master the elusive subtle wink by the end of summer. Paige is less hopeful.

9) She puts up with me as a big sister. I take clothes from her closet without asking. I use her razor. I call her to drive me home when I’ve only had 2 glasses of wine, but want to play it safe. As an older sister, I feel an obligation to just drive her crazy sometimes.

If you’re not feeling jealous that Paige isn’t your sister, you should. What do you like about Paige?

Paige when she fit in my arms. 

Somebody’s Gotta Live in Bowling Green


Here at my church, we’re interviewing some people for a newly created full-time youth minister position. Our first interviewee is coming to town shortly and I’ve been charged with the task of showing and hopefully selling her this town: Bowling Green, Kentucky. But the thing is, I don’t know how well I can do this.

This is the big landmark of Bowling Green, or what my family calls “Granmon’s Water Tower” because she used to live just down the block from it.

See, I’ve always had an odd relationship with my hometown. If you are from Bowling Green and you say you love it, I will just roll my eyes and scoff at what I judgmentally assume is your lack of worldly experience. However if you are not from Bowling Green and you in any way insult this town, my nostrils will flair and I will get defensive and judgmentally assume that you’re jealous that you aren’t from such a sweet wholesome place. However, on both accounts, I am probably horribly wrong.

Let me clarify here that I have Bowling Green in my blood. I can take you down to the courthouse and show you portraits hanging of my great-grandfather. I was born here, my parents met and married here, and I have an endless supply of happy childhood memories within these city limits.

But somehow I’ve found this place to be my hometown in definition only and not in feeling. There are a number of things that irk me about this town: that it’s built in such a way that it’s impossible to be a functioning member of society without a personal vehicle. Being a Democrat in Bowling Green is the closest I’ll ever come to feeling like a Christian in the first century. And it’s a solid hour’s drive to the nearest Whole Foods, Volvo dealership, or J.Crew. (Woah, when did I become such a yuppie? I’m in the wrong tax bracket to want any of those.) 

Still, there are still some good things about this town/city. We are the home of Duncan Hines. In fact, if you’re planning your own pre-packaged dessert mixes pilgrimage, be sure and make a stop at my church and the Duncan Hines Memorial Chapel. No joke. There is a local orchestra that once a year puts on its biggest fundraiser: Beatlemania and plays only Beatles’ songs- that’s pretty awesome. And there’s a minor-league baseball team, the Bowling Green Hot Rods. 

I really hope this girl I’m showing around my town likes it because this is an awesome job at an awesome church and if she is awesome, she’ll fit right in. In conclusion, I’ll just leave you with this video which is as honest a description of this place as you can find: