All the cools kids are keeping up with Advent devotionals this year. Are you? Here’s a good one. (I wrote tomorrow!) Of course this is only supplemental to your chocolate calendar. Duh.


An Open Letter to the Guy or Gal that Stole My Debit Card



Maybe you’ll find this by taking the time to google that name on that debit card that you found (how?) and then tried to use, unsuccessfully, at two local gas stations. I wish I could take credit for that, but it was all BB&T fraud department. I was highly impressed with them and would recommend them for any future banking needs you might have.

I’ll try and not make any assumptions about the desperation and character deficiencies required to commit such an act. Maybe you are that figure we talked about in my college ethics class that had a hungry family to feed. Or maybe you have an expensive addiction to support. I’m naive. And frankly, I like being naive in that way. I read enough articles to know that this is a hard country to be poor in. Like I said, no assumptions.

But I hope you’ll be happy to know that because of you, I had to get in my car and drive to the bank to withdraw the $30 that I hope will get me through the weekend. Did you know that my bank was having a customer appreciation day and giving out a free lunch to anyone that came in? Was that your plan all along, to help me get some free barbecue (with Cheetos and a Diet Coke!)? You silly thief, you!

So here’s wishing you the best, whatever that might be. I got a free lunch and you didn’t get a cent of my teensy checking account. You could’ve gotten a good laugh if you saw the available balance. Let me know how I can help in the future, okay?



"Can I just say one last thing about this and then I swear I’ll shut up."*


So I was talking with a new friend recently and I was recanting another conversation I had in my churchy line of work.  It was about how it’s not always important to be right, or at least to feel like it’s not always important to be right because relationships were more important. Blah blah blah- I was feeling eloquent and smug about my diatribe.

But she stopped me. “Actually for my job, it is really important to be right.” What does she do? She’s studying to be a anesthesia nurse, currently on a pediatrics rotation. So, I suppose, when you spend your days filling kids with just the right amount of medicine to put them asleep but not kill them, it affects how you feel about right and wrong.

And then I shut up. Because even though I work really hard at my job, a bad sermon will never kill anyone. When I make mistakes at my job, I can giggle and say “Ohhhh, Cortney.” and admit I was wrong without malpractice lawsuits ever entering into my brain. I can even jump into a reflection about how humbling it is to make mistakes and God is God and I’m not and perfection’s not in my job description.

No one ever dies on my table. I can talk about life and death in remarkably abstract and theoretical ways in my job. But that’s okay and it doesn’t change it’s importance. (paycheck, yes) It’s a luxury I’ll bask in because my brain works better with the nuanced art of community than with science.

And I can sit here and be truly thankful that there are people who devote their lives to studying and practicing medicine. That I can safely assume that if I wake up tomorrow with appendicitis, thanks to things that to my intellect might as well be magic, I can continue next week arguing inane details of theology and sharing the mysteriously good news that comes from one horrible death on a cross.

*- Title borrowed from the summary of Mindy Kaling’s soon to be released book Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (and Other Concerns) which I’ve pre-ordered and pre-recommended.

I like that #1


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Cortney’s Oscar Picks…


… solely based on the movies I took the time to see and liked:

Best picture: Inglorious Basterds
Best director: Kathryn Bigelow, The Hurt Locker
Best Actor: Morgan Freeman, Invictus
Best Actress: Gaboury Sidibe, Precious
Best supporting actor: Matt Damon, Invictus
Best supporting actress: Mo’nique, Precious
Best animated feature film: Up