This IS a post about Love Wins


I finished Love Wins. It took a little longer than expected. Mainly because I had to catch up on The Biggest Loser and there was a new The Office (loved it) and 30 Rock (okay). But I did easily finish the over-discussed book and now feel obliged to write about it because every other blog I read has.

I think I spent more time reading about Love Wins than I actually spent reading the book. And with how un-shocking I found the book,  I have a theory that Rob Bell paid or planted John Piper and the other naysayers just to build up hype. If not, I should just refer to Piper’s ‘farewell’ list when I’m looking for something new to read.

Nonetheless, Rob Bell finds a new way to tell an old story and I really like that. Bell writes like the lovechild of Ernest Hemingway and C.S. Lewis, which draws no complaints from this reader. The book does reach toward an audience that has directly or indirectly been scathed by American Evangelical churches’ theology and it’s because of that that I hope that if my grandchildren ever pick this book up and be dumbfounded by the passages that describe this present theology.

The one complaint I have, the same one I have with all Rob Bell’s books, is that he doesn’t include any references. Not that I’m one to go through and check a bibliography, but it feels like a number of times he quickly comes to a conclusion then continues to build more arguments on it before I’ve had a chance to completely grasp said conclusion.

Conclusion: (if you’re reading this you’ve probably already drawn your own conclusion) worth it.

In other news, be sure to watch the NCAA Division II Basketball championships tomorrow afternoon at 1pm. My own alma mater, Bellarmine University is playing. Go Knights!


This is not a blog post about Love Wins. Yet.


So I’ve spent the past hour occasionally reloading the tracking information on a package UPS is delivering to my house by the end of today. It’s the package containing, among other things, Rob Bell’s newest book, Love Wins. I placed the order March 4th, the book came out March 15th, but I’m just now receiving it because of the high demand. Of course I’m neither presumptive enough to write about a book I haven’t read nor important enough to receive an advance copy of the book, so this is not a blog post about Love Wins. Yet.

That said, I like Rob Bell. I work in campus ministry so I think of Rob Bell and Nooma probably the same way my second grade teacher thought of LeVar Burton and Reading Rainbow: just press play and for 15 minutes, the t.v. does my job! Also, it’s not that Rob Bell pushes the envelope or is all that radical, but he has found a way of preaching that holds the attention of my generation. (When will the Vatican send an investigator to verify this miracle?)

But you don’t

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